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    My background is in the ballet world, training with the highly acclaimed Royal Ballet School and Birmingham Royal Ballet School and I have been lucky to dance in companies internationally and here in the UK as well as appearing in some of the west end shows across London. I still perform currently throughout the year in various shows but I spend most of my days incorporating the benefits of a yoga lifestyle to all i am lucky to meet around me.

    With the increasing demands and challenges of a dancers career it led me to try yoga and meditation as a way to get out of my own head and the competitive nature of the business. After only a few classes i was hooked and knew that this was a path that i would continue to explore which three years later brought me to fly to India to begin my teaching course.

    I gained my yoga teaching qualification in Goa, India where i spent a month living and breathing amongst some of the most humble and valuable teachers I have come across. I now combine my dance career with teaching private and group yoga sessions in London and leading retreats abroad and aim to be able to share my love of what yoga and dance have brought into my life with anyone who is open to experiencing it.

    My classes are a fluid vinyasa flow, exploring basic postures, yogi breath, freedom of movements, beautiful playlists and i encourage my students to practice from a place of love and acceptance.

    I am grateful to my family, friends, teachers and students and hope to be a guidance for anyone on the path of finding more ease and auntenticty in their lives.

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    I provide fun and personalised 1 - 1 private yoga and/or corporate yoga sessions at your office.

    Both individual and package deals are available.

    Please contact me via emilysulayoga@gmail.com

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    What brought you to try yoga?

    ​I was 24 years old and had been living in London then for 2 years juggling the fast paced life of a dancers career- auditions , more auditions, rehearsals and work.

    There is always the constant feelings of hope, worry, confusion and excitement swooshing around in your body and when you don't give yourself the time do deal with all these emotions it sort of becomes normal.

    But something was missing, and looking back now I realise that I had so much stored emotion (good and bad) just trapped dormant in my system from past set backs , rejections and successes.

    I remember one of my friends ringing me and telling me she had found this cool new yoga class in town called Bikram Yoga in a hot sweaty room which she tempted me to come and try. I love trying new styles of fitness so I immediately jumped at the chance of signing up.

    All I remember from that class was lying in Savasana at the end of a 90 min class, sweat dripping off my face, my body feeling totally worked but my soul was at complete peace, my mind was totally quiet , I felt like time had stopped.

    I was pretty much hooked from that first class and began trying different styles of yoga and picked up books about the poses and pranayama (breathing) and constantly searching the web for anything yoga related.

    3 years later and I made the decision to go and learn in the birth place of yoga - India and there I gained my 200 hr YTT teaching qualification.

    Yoga is a very personal journey and once you find your flow you never stop learning and growing. There is something so comforting and humbling about practicing and knowing whenever I need that space and time to myself, yoga and my mat are always there waiting for me.


    Which yoga poses would you suggest to a beginner?

    Try find a comfortable seated position, crossing your legs. Close your eyes and just breathe.... If that is way too easy for you then try flipping it up on your head.

    What are your favourite places to practice yoga?

    Dream speaking the idyllic blue sky, crystal clear waters and a bright white sandy beach is where I feel right at home, however, considering I live in one of the most hectic cities in the world I love the feeling of heading into a quiet, dimly lit, scented studio with other practicing students. That feeling of finding your peace when you know the hustle and bustle of the city is just on the other side of the wall is trance like to me.

    Can anyone really practice?

    Absolutely. If you can sit and breathe then you can do yoga. It is not about being able to get your legs behind your head. There are so many different forms of the practice and I believe the right one finds you.

    Have you always been flexible?

    I started ballet at the age of 3 so I have been working on it for quite a few years now which helps but flexibility comes and gets better with conscious effort I promise. Compare your progress with no one but yourself.

    How would you describe what yoga is?

    For me yoga invites you to look deep within yourself. With postures, breathing exercises and lifestyle choices it brakes down stuck energies in your body to discover your own potential truth. From there we can grow and learn and speak our unique voice. To me yoga is complete freedom, freedom to feel, heal, and transform.

    Which was the hardest pose for you to master?

    I have mastered nothing and that's the way i like it...